Metallic Rose Gold Satin Wood Plugs

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  • $30.00

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You get a PAIR of these gorgeous metallic rose gold satin organic wood plugs. When these catch the light perfectly, they shimmer. They glisten. Perfect for everyday wear. Perfect for the office. Perfect for that special occasion. These are unique. Distinctive. Unequalled.

Our wood plugs are a perfectly lightweight and comfortable double flares. They come in black areng, brown sono, red saba or blond crocodile.

Wood is great for anyone with sensitivities to metal or acrylic. Being an organic product the coloring of the wood can vary slightly.

This style of wood plug is available in 6g (4mm), 4g (5mm), 2g (6mm), 0g (8mm), 00g (10mm), 1/2 inch (12mm), 9/16 inch (14mm), 5/8 inch (16mm), 3/4 (20mm), 7/8in (22mm), 1inch (25mm).

Can also be made on black, gold, rose gold, or silver metal screw on plugs.

Also, almost any of our full metal plugs can be custom made with a wood base.

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